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Halloween Bundle [Flash] #17464
Halloween Bundle [Flash]  Get the Cartoon Solutions Halloween Bundle at a great discount!
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Retail price: $186. Sale price: $76!

Includes 7 Character Packs:
And 5 backgrounds:
The art in each background is made into individual symbols and can be moved, modified, enlarged, reduced or even removed in order to customize the scene however you like.
The dimensions of each background are 720X540 which is broadcast resolution, suitable for Television (NTSC).

Each Flash Character Pack includes 1 prop, as well as:

Eyebrow Expressions:
  • Neutral
  • Surprised
  • Angry
Hand Positions:
  • Open
  • Relaxed
  • Fist
  • Point
  • Fingers spread
Front, Side, & Back views of:
  • Head (with Animated eyeblinks)
  • Torso (upper and lower parts for rotation & bending)
  • Legs (upper and lower)
  • Arms (upper and lower)
  • Feet (side heels rotate for walking)

7 mouth positions:
  • M,B,P (closed)
  • Ah
  • Eh
  • Consonants
  • O, W
  • TH, L
  • F, V

For 50 more additional hand poses to use with your character, click here!

Each Character Pack is delivered in Flash 5 file format (.fla) and can be opened in any higher version of FLASH.

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Price: $76.00 (€ 49.40)

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