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Using "Character Builders" in Flash

Do you want a cartoon character that can be in different clothing for different scenes? You wouldn't want your character wearing the same outfit to the ski slopes as to the beach! You need the flexiblitly of Character Builder Packs. You can purchase the bodies with the clothing you need and then choose which head to combine it with. Each body comes with 3 different skin tones so that whichever head you choose for your character, the body will already have the matching skin color.

Watch how easy it is to put together and design your own characters in this free video tutorial!

Download Quicktime movie file. Running time: 5:21

Sample image from video.

*You will need the latest version of Quicktime to view the downloaded video. Download your free Quicktime player here: Windows Mac

You can purchase the products used in this tutorial here:

View all of the Flash Character Builder heads and bodies. test