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Lip Sync Mouth Animation
Lip Sync Mouth Animation
Have you ever wondered how exactly to animate to dialogue? Making a cartoon character speak can seem like a daunting task. Learning which mouth shapes and mouth positions is crucial to create convincing lip sync animation. The good news is that others have already done the work of figuring out which facial expressions and mouth drawings work best. It can be very easy to do once you have the right information.

Mouth Positions
Although there are so many different mouth movements and shapes that are possible, they can be simplified into a few specific mouth shapes that work remarkably well! For cartoon characters, the following 7 mouth shapes produce great results for lip sync animation:
  • M,B and P (Closed mouth)
  • AH (Open mouth)
  • EEE, or EH
  • CONSONANTS (example: R, D, N, S etc)
  • OH, W
  • TH, L
  • F, V

Creating Lip Sync Animation with Character Packs
If you want a fast and easy way to get straight to animating dialogue without having to create your own character's mouth movements and facial expressions, Cartoon Solutions provides Character Packs. Character Packs are pre-made cartoon characters, already built and assembled for you. Once you have your Character Pack, you'll see that the characters can be animated using 7 different mouth positions (for both the front and side views), which makes animating to dialogue a simple process.

Characters Packs are available for the following programs:

Free Lip Sync Animation Training
If you have little or no experience animating cartoon dialogue, you'll be glad to know that free animation training is available via free online tutorials, as well as a full Training Courses on Cartoon Solutions website.

If you are planning on using Flash to animate lip sync animation, then make sure to view the free video tutorial: Animating Dialogue using the "Mouth Comp" system. This method is sure to speed up the time it takes to create dialogue animation!

For More Information
For more information in regard to character packs, please feel free to contact Cartoon Solutions.