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How to draw cartoon people
Looking for online tutorials or lessons on how to draw cartoon people? Are you also interested in learning how to customize pre-made characters, backgrounds and props with affordable Flash video tutorials? What about additional animation/illustration resources? Cartoon Solutions has the best collection of video tutorials on how to draw cartoon people around. The Cartoon Solutions tutorials cover the following topics:

One pleased customer had this to say:

I have already watched several (lessons) and have learned to draw the basics overnight. They are everything I hoped they would be. Thank you for making them easy to understand and simple to follow. You do a great job of explaining in them. Well worth the money".

Shawn Pickering

With the skills you learn about how to draw cartoon people in these tutorials, you'll be able to make your characters truly animated. You can also use these skills with Cartoon Solutions' character packs to create your own animation.

Cartoon Solutions Character Packs
Most illustrators, designers, etc. want to learn how to draw cartoon people at some point in their career. However, when push comes to shove and projects need to get done, it isn't always easy to take the time to make new and original characters. Cartoon Solutions has found that by providing character packs, or pre-made stock illustration/animations, they can provide digital artists with a sure way to increase both their qualitative and quantitative productivity. Characters packs are available in many different program formats and are simple to customize. Characters, backgrounds, props and more are available for the following programs:

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