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"I just wanted to thank you for your site - I just used one of your Flash tutorials - what a lifesaver!" -Chava Drummond

FREE VIDEO: Using Animation Packs
Watch how easy it is to use the different animations in each Animation Pack. Learn to easily 'swap' in new animations while keeping your character's alignment perfect.

FREE VIDEO: Customizing Animation Packs for Dialogue
See how to get your character speaking with some easy customization to an Animation Pack.

FREE VIDEO: Using "Character Builders" in Flash
You won't believe how fast and simple it is to put together your own character combinations using pre-made heads and bodies!

FREE VIDEO: Using Walk Cycle "PLUS" Packs
Not sure what comes with a "PLUS" Pack or how to use one? Find out out just how easy they are to use and how much animation time they will save you!

FREE VIDEO: Using Flash to Create Comics
If you've ever wanted to create your own professional looking comics, then watch this free video tutorial and learn just how easy it can be!

FREE VIDEO: Symbol Types: "Movie Clip" or "Graphic"?
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a "Movie Clip" or "Graphic" symbol, and which you should be using? This free tutorial will answer all your questions and open your eyes to the power of symbols!

FREE VIDEO: Explosion Strobe Effect
Learn how this simple but effective technique adds a blinding, powerful effect to your explosions, lightning bolts and impact animations! Absolutely no drawing skills are needed to create this effect!

FREE VIDEO: Character Animation using Symbols
Watch step by step with this quicktime video to see just how fast and easy it is to animate using symbols! This is the perfect way to jump start your animation using Character Packs!

FREE VIDEO: Animating dialogue using the "Mouth Comp" system
With this step by step quicktime video, you'll quickly learn, a faster, better way to animate your character's dialogue! Understand the system that all of the Character Packs heads are based on!

FREE VIDEO: Changing Colors inside Symbols
Whether you want to customize the colors of a Character Pack, or change the colors of a hand pose to match the character you are animating with, this video tutorial demonstrates how easy it can be!

Editing Multiple Frames of Animation in Flash
Learn how to successfully move, scale or alter multiple frames of animation together using the "Edit Multiple Frames" feature.

Animating arm movements using speed lines
Animate your character's arms and other limbs by using speed lines. A fast way to achieve natural looking movement. Comes with FREE downloadable Flash file of speed line art!

Changing the Pivot Point of a Symbol
Change the default center point of a symbol to allow for easier character animation.

Designing 2D Smoke
Learn how to effectively design great looking smoke in 2D starting from a basic wireframe sketch to a full colored design with shading.

Converting the timeline into an X sheet as an aid for lip sync animation Learn how to use your timeline as a X sheet to write the dialogue and speed up the animation process. This is especially helpful with scenes with lots of dialogue.

Timing: Ease In and Ease Out
Getting your animation to move more naturally can be very easy once you know how to use the Ease in/out slider for tweening. Understanding these timing principles will improve your animation and keep your movements from seeing robotic and unnatural.

Animating lip sync using the Mouth Comp System (text version)
The Mouth Comp system is a terrific way to set up your characters so that the lip sync process is not only much easier, but takes less time to do!

Ryan Simmons Interview
As Cartoon Solutions content creator and the instructor of all video tutorials and training courses, Ryan shares his experiences entering the world of traditional animation and his successful cross over in becoming and award winning Flash animator. Great advice and tips for students of animation!

Listen to the interview. (25 min.)
Download the interview. (14.3 MB)

Tips, Guides and Recommendations
Broadcast Television Template Guide
If you are going to take your animation to video, then you'll need this very useful fla. The file comes set at the correct dimensions for broadcast (NTSC) and includes a guide to help you keep your animations and text in the "safe" areas so that they are guaranteed not to disappear off the edges of the television screen!
Download the FREE Broadcast file here!

Flash Hot Key Visual Guide
Are your projects taking too much time to complete? Print out this visual guide so that you can memorize the hot keys in Flash. Keep it next to your computer for a quick reference until you have them all memorized. You'll be animating and drawing faster in no time!
Right click over the image with your mouse and choose "save as". Once the Hot Key guide is saved to your computer, print it out and keep it near your computer for easy reference.
Highly Recommended: If you plan on creating your own artwork in flash, we strongly suggest using a drawing tablet. They do take some time to get used to in the beginning, but once you are comfortable, they will save you a ton of time and give you greater control over your artwork. They are an invaluable resource! We suggest using the most reliable brand around: Wacom.