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Digital Drawing
Digital Drawing
Looking for a digital drawing tutorial? Cartoon Solutions is the place to find a variety of drawing tutorials that are absolutely free.

Digital Drawing: Designing 2D Smoke
The Cartoon Solutions website has many free tutorials which includes a drawing 2D smoke tutorial. This tutorial can be a valuable one for those who want to learn how to create 'realistic' digital illustrations and animations.

Additional Tutorials
Cartoon Solutions also provides additional tutorials that will teach you how to do the following:
  • Animate Lip Sync by using the Mouth comp System
  • Change the Pivot Point of a Symbol
  • Convert the Timeline into an X Sheet as an Aid for Lip Sync
  • Animate Timing: Ease In and Ease Out
  • And much, much more!

Digital Character Packs
For everyone who is interested in digital artwork, Cartoon Solutions has created a series of character packs that are similar to pre-made stock animations/illustrations, but that can easily be customized to meet the needs of digital illustration/animation projects. Each character is broken down into different body parts that make them easy to customize. With Cartoon Solutions' characters, you will also have the option of choosing between 7 different mouth positions (from both the front and side views), which can easily be used to animate to dialogue.

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