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Denise Animation Pack [Flash] #17374
Denise Animation Pack [Flash] 

Each Flash Animation Pack comes with 18 pre-made animations. You'll receive each animation in .swf format as well as the original animation Flash files (.fla)

18 pre-made animations include:
  • Talking
  • A-ha
  • Angry
  • Confused
  • Frustrated
  • Happy
  • Thinking
  • Wave Hi
  • Wave Bye
  • Thumbs Up
  • Walk Left
  • Walk Right
  • Point 2pm Left
  • Point 3pm Left
  • Point 5pm Left
  • Point 2pm Right
  • Point 3pm Right
  • Point 5pm Right
  • Each Flash animation pack comes with 3 separate Flash files:

    • 1) .Fla of original Character Pack
    • 2) .Fla of walk cycle
    • 3) .Fla of animations
    Each original Character Pack includes 1 prop, as well as:

    Eyebrow Expressions:
    • Neutral
    • Surprised
    • Angry
    Hand Positions:
    • Open
    • Relaxed
    • Fist
    • Point
    • Fingers spread
    Front, Side, & Back views of:
    • Head (with Animated eyeblinks)
    • Torso (upper and lower parts for rotation & bending)
    • Legs (upper and lower)
    • Arms (upper and lower)
    • Feet (side heels rotate for walking)

    7 mouth positions:
    • M,B,P (closed)
    • Ah
    • Eh
    • Consonants
    • O, W
    • TH, L
    • F, V

    Animation Packs are easy to use! Each animation is contained in a 'Graphic' symbol, so you can easily scale each animation up or down, or flip it horizontally, just by altering one symbol!
    All Flash animation Pack files are delivered in Flash 5 file format (.fla) and can be opened in any higher version of Flash. All animations are animated at 12 frames per second (fps).

    *See detailed images of product below.

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    Detailed images
    Set of 18 pre-made animations

    Body parts

    Mouth positions


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